Mueller isn’t after Russians. He’s after something far more dangerous: LOBBYISTS

Anyone remember this weird little move? The swamp draining lobbying ban that the media wanted us so desperately to believe wasn’t really a swamp draining? There’s one important factoid that no one mentioned. It was ‘banning administration officials from ever lobbying the US on behalf of a foreign government.’ What was Trump trying to say then? I say, he was calling his shot, he was Babe Ruth at home plate pointing the bat at right where he was going to be swinging.

Months after the Mueller Team Enigma was slapped together, I want to bring up one of the key points I could draw from the team makeup. “The important question is why does a team assembled under the mandate to investigate foreign influence in the 2016 elections seem to be less of a panel of election law experts and more of a legal hit team assembled to tear to pieces an international crime ring stuffed to the brim with expertise in financial, corruption, terrorism, and white collar crimes?”

Well as of today, October 30, 2017, we’ve found out exactly why. Mueller is not going after Trump, or Russians in particular. The three indictments that have occurred, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos. Who’s that third name? No, that’s not a Trump advisor, at least not initially. He’s a Ben Carson advisor who jumped on Trump’s campaign. Also, he’s a lobbyist. Rick Gates? One of Paul Manafort’s associates at the lobbyist firm Davis Manafort. As I’m writing this article, another casualty who’s also a lobbyist is being lined up; Tony Podesta, of the Podesta Group. The Davis of Davis Manafort is Rick Davis, a lobbyist who got himself permanently tied in with, wait for it, John McCain!

So what exactly is Mueller after? He’s after the swamp. The REAL swamp. The swamp that bubbles beneath the surface politicians that you see. The REAL deep state, the ones who are never appointed, never elected, but keep on ensnaring each new generation of politicians. Lobbyists. Lobbyists who have no real party affiliation, and just serve to further their own and each other’s interests. Think I’m wrong? Think Davis Manafort and The Podesta Group aren’t one in the same? Two sides of the same coin, working with each other and a third group, Mercury, in Ukraine. Note also my previous article which supposed that Manafort was a mole from the Clinton campaign. I admit that I was wrong that he was a mole for the Clinton campaign, but not for him being a mole itself.

Podesta. Manafort. Papadopoulos. Davis. These names attach themselves to campaigns on behalf of the lobbying network as a whole so they get the inside track on presidential campaigns. Look at the campaign staff, look for ‘advisors’, look for anyone whose name you don’t recognize that doesn’t get a job in the subsequent administration. They attach themselves to funnel money to politicians, get them ensnared in the game, and then they have all the access they want. You see them playing both sides of political campaigns in the ultimate win-win scenario.

2008: McCain with Davis, Hillary with the Podestas. If McCain won, the lobbyist network has the president in their back pocket. When Hillary won, she was granted the State Department as a literal fiefdom, and used the Clinton Foundation to take the lobbying game to a whole new level with hundreds of millions of dollars brought in for the Uranium One deal, access, favors, everything, and as per Fox News, both the Podestas and Manafort were knees deep in it, with Davis himself having gone on to handle McCain’s ‘foundation’, most likely a literal parallel to the Clinton Foundation.

For over a decade these lobbyists have been acting with free reign. It’s possible that this incestuous network goes back even further. Why haven’t you heard about them before? Because they work alongside firms like Fusion GPS who have extensive contacts in the media to keep it all under wraps. Fusion GPS has their media affiliates keep the entire lobbying ring under wraps, and works to smear anyone who tries to expose them. Their latest target? Trump. The dossier, the media’s anti-Trump frenzy, its all a response to Trump threatening to drain the swamp and tear the lobbying network out of DC. Its fair to say that every major scandal, every unpopular trade deal, every crisis had lobbyists’ hands all over it, and that the media has been pitching us into a left vs right battle ever since at the behest of lobbyists to keep anyone from asking where the money flooding DC amidst all this was coming from.

In summary: the lobbyists are the swamp. The lobbyists are the deep state. They’re a cancer that prints money and attach themselves to politicians like parasites. Both sides, liberal and conservative, left and right, Democrat and Republican, should be pissed that these people have been allowed to fester in DC for as long as they can. Mueller’s burning them out. Trump’s foreign lobbying lifetime ban seals it on the other end to make sure that his administration won’t further compound the issue. This is what we voted for; Trump is giving power back to us, the people, that we never knew we lost.


  1. No, nice try, wish it was so simple. The lobbyists are superficial puppets, the latest frontpieces for the background players. The real players will happily sacrifice these pawns to keep this game going if people fall for this thesis of yours. Have you watched Podesta talk – do you seriously believe that emotional and intellectual retard is a global mastermind? Who pays the lobbyists – follow the orders…


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