Paul Manafort was a Clinton Campaign Mole?

Yes, you read the title right. Also, the picture is relevant. All roads lead to Rome, and every Russian scandal eventually reaches back to Hillary Clinton. In this case it’s Paul Manafort, who is currently under investigation by Mueller for unregistered lobbying efforts for foreign groups. Now, this has been touted as the closest connection that the Mueller investigation has had to Trump by the media, with Manafort having been Trump’s former campaign manager. However, what if Manafort wasn’t actually working for Trump, and had ACTUALLY been working for Clinton all along? In the referenced article, its already clear that Manafort is being investigated for his work going back over a decade, well before he was Trump’s campaign manager.

So what was Manafort doing before he was Trump’s campaign manager? According to Tucker Carlson on Fox News, a source has come forwards stating that Manafort was working with the Podesta Group, the liberal lobbyists and one of the founders of which was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. This is the same group who is now being investigated by Mueller for the same Foreign Agents Registration Act violations as Manafort! According to Fox News’ source, Manafort and the Podestas were DEEPLY involved in the bribery and influence peddling that was commonplace in Clinton’s State Department days.

But how does my theory take the leap from Clinton and Trumps’ campaign managers used to work together to Manafort was a mole and saboteur for Clinton? Well, for one, it was already proven that Clinton and the DNC were trying to boost Trump and others in order to pull the Republican party as far to the right as possible. So, logically, what better way to make sure Trump seems as far to the right as possible than by having his campaign manager help do that for you? In addition, Manafort was the one who approached Trump through longtime Trump associate Tom Barrack. It was said that Bernie Sanders was having to scrape the bottom of the barrel to put together a primary campaign staff when going against Hillary Clinton and the Democrat establishment; Trump had 11 primary opponents not counting the five who dropped out before the primaries, many of whom were seasoned politicians. So how far was Trump having to scrape to put together a campaign team for the primaries? Someone who had been a Republican operative since the 70’s approaching him through a mutual friend would have been a godsend.

Trump struggled early on after the primaries, until he finally got rid of Manafort. I say got rid of because while the article says Manafort quit, it’s been shown since Trump became president that he very much prefers to make people quit over firing them; James Comey and Sally Yates remain the only notable people who have been publicly fired (besides the usual firing of attorneys at the DoJ, standard operating procedure for new administrations); everyone else has resigned. So, hypothetically, Trump forced Manafort out. Beyond the poor performance, did Trump discover Manafort was a plant? Given how his campaign turned around after Manafort’s departure, is it possibly Manafort was acting as an internal saboteur?

This is only a theory, of course, but given everything else that has come to light in recent days regarding the Clinton campaign and Hillary’s actions while Secretary of State in regards to Uranium One and the Pissgate Dossier, and the fact that Manafort is being investigated for work that would have occurred in conjunction with the Podesta Group (and presumably has lead to the Podesta Group being investigated), it doesn’t seem that far fetched.

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