Why Feminists Don’t Like That Ivanka Took Her Father’s Seat at G20

After pictures surfaced of Ivanka Trump temporarily taking her father’s seat at the G20 conference after he left for a meeting, sitting with world leaders like Germany’s Angela Merkel and Britain’s Theresa May, Feminists should have been beaming at the site. A capable woman representing America at a conference with some of the world’s most powerful (cause we are definitely not counting Hillary, who absolutely sucked as Secretary of State), should have been met with nationwide support, especially from the progressives, who were trying to get an incapable woman elected president simply because of her sex.

However, sadly, they were up in arms about an unelected official being at the table. Not realizing that in nearly every recent presidency their have been times when the President’s cabinet and advisors have taken his place to advocate for America’s needs (or at least not caring), the Left wouldn’t stop complaining about the ‘recession of democracy’ because Ivanka was tasked with advocating on her father’s behalf.

This shows how feminism only extends to people who buy in to the Left’s political mantra, and if you’re a Republican woman, feminism does not extend to you. If an Obama or Clinton appointee had taken that seat, the same people who are criticizing this decision would be praising those Presidents for empowering women.

The Left’s hypoctriticism is plainly obvious and often laughable. How can one take their agenda seriously when there is such a clear underlying goal behind it? The Left doesn’t care about empowering women, blacks, gays, or transgenders; they care about empowering the Left, and this event is just the latest example of how obvious that is.


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