Fake News: CNN Reports That Trump Won’t Question Putin on Meddling- Trump Does

After spending the week slandering President Trump, who they claimed would not question Putin on Russia’s interference in the 2016 election in their meeting on Friday, CNN unsurprisingly once again got it’s story wrong.

As Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who attended the meeting, assured the press, Trump pressed Putin on the matter a number of times during their two hour meeting.

CNN, who has spent the entire election cycle and presidency finding every possible way to slander Trump, once again proved that their standards are much lower than what we should expect from mainstream journalism. They have released fake story after fake story and the American people are tired of not being able to trust the media. Pile on the recent CNN blackmail scandal, and it seems like the network should be in quite hot waters. However, this is beginning to become the new norm, as Leftist media sites forget their standards whenever an anti-Trump story comes through their door. We need to make sure we don’t settle for this and keep pressing CNN every time they lie to us.

During the meeting, Trump and Putin also discussed the situation in Syria, to which Tillerson commented that, “our objectives are exactly the same.” During the meeting, it was released that the United States have negotiated a cease-fire in the Southwest region of Syria. The two countries clearly both want peace in the region, but have had very different strategies of achieving it, and found themselves on opposite sides of the fighting. This new deal is a small step, but it is a start of a peace process that must take form in the Middle East.

Issues like this are what our media should be focusing, instead of making up lies to give our President bad press. If these networks actually cared about the state of our country instead of getting higher ratings, they would stop with the Trump bashing lies and instead cover what really matters.


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